Maximize Your Property Listing In Toronto For The Fall Market, Here’s How

October 8, 2018

Toronto Home Staging

Fall is here, which means that if you’re about to put your home on the market (or if it’s still on the market since summer) then you’ll have to add an extra special touch to your property to get buyers ready to move in.  Fall is a busy season for Toronto real estate and a great time to start fresh with some inspired action and to spruce up your listing to get more buyer interest through the door!


Prospective buyers start their initial search online that’s why clear and appealing photos of every room is a must to spark interest and motivate buyers to your doorstep. If your listing photos are showing poorly online or worse – you don’t have any photos at all, it’s game over. Buyers will click away to the next available listing. Hiring a professional real estate photographer is a great investment. You should also have a clear, professional and concise listing description.


Effective staging and showcasing of a property is not just about furnishing a space, it is more than that.  Every piece of furniture and accessories should help enhance and elevate the room’s aesthetics, it should tell a story and should sell a lifestyle the buyers are looking for. Each piece of furniture or accessory should be used to motivate buyers to place an offer. Showcase every room in the house with intention, know your buyers, and use the right pieces for the right home.


Should you have a TV in your living room? As a professional stager and interior stylist, I strongly recommend removing the TV in the living room if you can live without it for the time being. Yep, big black screens are an eyesore, especially if they’re blocking the light or detracting from a beautiful mantel, replace it with an artwork instead. It will immediately change the look and the feel of the room.  Take another look at how the furniture is positioned now that the TV isn’t there. Consider rearranging to maximize the functionality of the space. It might not be how your family uses the room, but it’ll present really well.


Selling a home is not the time to experiment with your decorating skills. Some things are best left to the professionals. Styling and staging a home – particularly if you are selling in a tough market – is one of those things. Granted you can completely do a satisfactory job staging your home yourself, but especially in a competitive housing market, “satisfactory” won’t get you the best offer out there. Remember: you only have one chance to make a great first impression, so make it count.



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