Before & After: Function & Style for this 600 sq ft Condo

November 4, 2017

For those who love the convenience of living downtown, sacrificing space is a common feat to be able to stay and live in the city. With its ever-shrinking square footage, downtown Toronto condo first-time buyers are always faced with the challenge of space and function.

Toronto Condo Staging

It is problematic for buyers when even the most basic furniture might not seem to fit. Questions like; where should the sofa or the TV go; or will a dining table fit?  These are common questions that may seem ridiculous but are valid concerns when looking at a small space.  Can you function well in such a small space?

Toronto Condo Staging

Home staging is a no-brainer on this one because small vacant units like this tend to look smaller without furniture pieces for reference. The right showcasing and merchandising can open up even the smallest space. The key is a layout that works, the right pieces and the right size of furniture to give the room a good point of reference for buyers to see and understand that they can comfortably (and stylishly) live in a small condo like this.

Toronto Condo Staging

Details such as colour and accessories are important considerations in merchandising and staging a small unit like this because too many pieces or wrong accents can make it worse, cramping the space, and make it even smaller. For example, in this project, we decided to use neutrals,  mainly just black and white because introducing another color can and will overwhelm this space.

Toronto Condo Staging

Showcasing and selling a small space can be a challenge, but with the right staging and merchandising you can transform even the smallest condo into a show stopper! Remember, what you lack in space, you can always make up in function (and style).


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