Five Gorgeous Ways to Decorate with Fall Colours

September 10, 2023

Hello, fall enthusiasts! As the leaves start to change and the air gets a little crisper, it’s time to cozy up your home with the warm and inviting colors of autumn. From burnt oranges to deep burgundies, fall colors can transform your space into a cozy haven that’s perfect for the season. Here are five delightful ways to decorate with fall colors that will make your home feel like a pumpkin spice latte on a chilly day.

  1. Embrace Earthy Tones: Fall is all about connecting with nature, so why not bring the great outdoors inside? Start by incorporating earthy tones like rich browns, warm terracottas, and deep forest greens into your decor. Consider swapping out your throw pillows, blankets, and area rugs with these autumnal hues. Wooden furniture and accents also complement earthy tones beautifully, giving your space a rustic and grounded feel.
  2. Warm Up with Cozy Textiles: Fall is synonymous with coziness, and one of the best ways to achieve that is through textiles. Swap out your lightweight summer curtains for heavier drapes in warm colors like deep reds or golden yellows. Drape chunky knit throws over your couch or beds, and invest in plush, autumn-colored cushions. These soft, inviting textures will not only keep you warm but also add a touch of luxury to your space.
  3. Create a Focal Point with Autumn-Inspired Decor: Fall is an incredibly inspiring season, so why not adorn your walls with art that reflects its beauty? Consider adding paintings, prints, or photographs that showcase fall foliage, pumpkins, or cozy harvest scenes. These pieces will serve as eye-catching focal points in your home and ignite that undeniable autumn spirit.
  4. Set a Charming Table: Whether you’re hosting a Thanksgiving feast or simply enjoying a meal with your family, setting a fall-themed table can make dining a special experience. Use warm-toned tableware, rustic place settings, and elegant autumn centerpieces featuring seasonal flowers, gourds, or candles. Don’t forget to include some linen napkins in beautiful fall colors to tie it all together.
  5. Incorporate Natural Elements: Bringing the outdoors inside is a wonderful way to celebrate fall’s beauty. Collect pinecones, acorns, or colorful leaves during your outdoor adventures and use them as decor. Fill glass vases with these natural elements and place them on your tables or mantels. You can also consider adding a touch of greenery with potted fall plants or arranging branches of vibrant foliage in tall vases to create striking displays.

Decorating with fall colors is a delightful way to celebrate the season’s beauty and infuse your home with warmth and charm. By embracing earthy tones, indulging in cozy textiles, incorporating autumn-inspired art, setting a charming table, and adding natural elements, you’ll create a welcoming and inviting space that feels like a warm hug from Mother Nature herself. So go ahead and let the beauty of fall colors transform your home into a cozy sanctuary for the season. Happy decorating!


Toronto-based, award-winning Interior Stylist, Red Barrinuevo is an Interior Decorator and Principal of Redesign4more, servicing clients in Toronto and the GTA. The firm’s known for enhancing and creating stylish yet functional spaces through its creative home staging, interior styling services, and design services.

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