Ten Reasons Why Your House Look Messy

January 11, 2017

It is sometimes impossible to keep a clean and a well-organized home. Our busy work schedule, the kid’s recitals, and with all the errands to run,  keeping an organized home sometimes can be an enormous task that always ends up in the back seat.

Whether you’re selling or staying, there are quick and easy ways to cut messes around your house. Clutter and all our messes eat equity and should be looked after when showing your home for sale.


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1. Dirty dishes in the sink

A great kitchen can help you sell your home but reminding your buyers of household chores with your leftover dishes in the sink can ruin the perfect moment for your buyers. Do your dishes after you’re finished eating. Immediately. Yes, this one really is that simple.

2. Refrigerator tacked with photos, notes, and magnets galore

I’ve seen it so many times, the fridge has turned into a one big messy focal point of the kitchen. Photos, kid’s art projects, invitations and all. Instead of using your fridge, keep one clipboard on your kitchen wall with all of the reminders and lists you need. When the clipboard is full, that’s your maximum number of papers you can keep.

3. Kitchen counter overload

Get rid of the pieces that shouldn’t be there. Your kitchen counter shouldn’t be a catch-all spot for all your junk.  Only keep items that you use on a daily basis. It’s easier to keep the surfaces clean and organized if you have what you need at hand and everything has a designated spot.

4. Untamed cable wires

This drives me nuts. Wires on the wall,  floor, or behind the media console are a complete eyesore. You can easily make your own backing with a simple ply board or whatever you have. Or detangle the wires and use a cord organizer to line them around the furniture. There are many ways to tame those cables.

5. Cluttered front entry

Your front entry is the first room your buyers will see, tossing all your coats, backpacks, and shoes can easily overwhelm the space and ruin a great first impression. A simple solution is to re-arrange your hallway closet and get rid of the items from the previous season while all the footwear can be contained in a basket with lid.

6. Way too many toys

For families with kids, having too many toys is common to the point that the whole house looks like a daycare or play place already. Pick one or two rooms to corral all the kid’s toys and take control of the mess it makes, use baskets and totes for easy containing.

7. Chaotic Bookshelves

Pick your favorites, displaying only books you love leaves breathing room and space for decorative accessories. When styling bookshelves, small pieces look better when grouped with like items. For example, collections of vases will look better in one spot, versus having to spread them all over the house.

 8. Unmade Bed

Your bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom, leaving it undone can make the whole room look disorganized. In the morning after waking up, tighten the sheets, pull up the comforter, and fluff your pillows. Yes, that’s the only way.

9. Laundry day every day

I understand that it’s a challenge to break the cycle of constant laundry. I’m not a fan either,  however, piles of both clean and dirty in the laundry room, on the dresser, or on your bed are Messy 101. Try to confine the dirties to a hamper, and get the clean folded and put away ASAP.

10. Too many photos and artworks on your walls

Filling all your walls with so many personal photos, kid’s artwork from school and your favorite art pieces is the worse. It is too much to look at, and it alleviates mess to the roof. Our eyes need a spot to rest, and blank walls do the job. Practice restraint, restraint calms the eye and gives everything a sense of purpose.


Toronto-based, award-winning Interior Stylist, Red Barrinuevo is an Interior Decorator and Principal Designer of Redesign4more Inc., servicing clients in Toronto and the GTA. The firm’s known for enhancing and creating stylish yet functional spaces through their creative home staging, interior styling, and design services. To know more about Red and Redesign4more, visit www.redesign4more.com.

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