Foolproof Ways to Make Your Buyers Bite

July 25, 2016

Most buyers who will step into your home will have a preconceived idea of what their next home is going to look like; and that doesn’t include a messy, chaotic and poorly maintained home. Your buyers wanted to move up; they want to be in a better space, to have a better lifestyle and a house that functions better than what they currently have.

With the rising tag price of buying a home, all the exposure to Home and Garden shows playing on TV 24/7, and given your buyer’s busy lifestyle, your potential buyers expect to see to see a beautiful and a move in ready home!

Ways that can take your home to the next level to make your buyers bite!

1. Ensure proper furniture placement

A well thought of and a well-arranged room can make a big difference in the overall feel and look of any space when decorating to sell. The right furniture placement can visually expand the space and improve function, while a wrong layout can do the opposite. Click here for more tips on proper furniture placement.

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2. Use pieces that compliment your home

Get rid of oversized sofas and chairs if you don’t have enough space. Technically, you are selling the space, so show lots of it!  Furniture pieces are there for reference and to accentuate the space. If you have a small apartment, apartment size furniture will make more sense and will work better versus the regular size furniture pieces.

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3. Highlight your home’s best features

There could be some features your might have; maybe it is your 20-foot high ceiling, the superb finishes of your home, your big windows, an open floor plan or an original architectural feature. Whatever it is, show it off and let your buyers notice it. Use proper furniture placement and accessories to exaggerate these features. Two full sofas facing each other showed the generous space of this family room, pops of colour and an oversized artwork hung by the fireplace makes it more exciting, and all accessories were placed strategically pointing towards the feature wall (fireplace) that directs the buyer’s eyes to the room’s beautiful high ceiling.

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4. Think outside the box

When showcasing your home for sale, you have to look at your home as your buyers will see it. Think of ways that can add value to your home to make your buyers bite. If you have redundant rooms, maybe showcase it differently depending on the buyer’s need in your location. For example, this space used to be an eat-in kitchen for the owners, but knowing that they already have a space for a formal dining area, we decided to showcase it as a family room instead. It adds impact, more value and function to this home.

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5. Offer solutions to your buyer’s problems

Your home maybe magazine worthy but if it won’t function well or answer the needs of the next owners, all your preparation might be put to waste. Think of how your buyers will move around the house and what they need to live comfortably. A clear function of every square footage of your home (especially for condominiums) is a must. Converting this wasted “catch-all space” to a functional home office for this 500 sq ft condo downtown solves the issue of work space in a tiny apartment.

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6. Tidy Up

Clutter won’t sell your home. Your potential buyers probably have enough clutter and mess of their own. They don’t want any reminders of that. Your job is to hide and erase the chaos and messes of everyday life; it sounds superficial, but it will help sell your home.

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7. Pretty it up

The right amount of colour and accessories can make a big difference in the overall feel and look of the room. While some colours bring calmness and relaxation to space, and other colours evoke energy and fun. The right colour and the right accessories that are properly put together can make the room look finished, and lived in. Don’t go overboard, though; your home should evoke a warm and inviting feeling to encourage buyers and shouldn’t end up looking like a “showroom” filled with nice things.

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Toronto Home Staging


Home buyers nowadays are more critical and less forgiving. Make sure all the needed repairs all throughout the house is done, make sure your house is impeccably cleaned and showcased in its best possible light.  This is a must if you want to grab your buyer’s attention. 

Working with the right stager is a great advantage because stagers are equipped with the knowledge on what works, not to mention their access to unlimited staging inventories that your home might need. However, if you are staging your home on your own, there are furniture rental companies that exclusively operates to help home sellers stage their homes.  There are also furniture stores that rent their floor models or their pieces for the purpose of home staging.

RED BARRINUEVO | Your Toronto Home Stager

Is a Canadian Certified Staging Professional. His professional affiliations include the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and the CSP. He is the recipient of numerous home staging awards and was picked as RESA’s Top Professional Stager of Canada for 2016. He has worked with hundreds of Real Estate Brokers, Investors, Real Estate Agents, and has helped homeowners showcase their homes at its best when it is time to sell.

As President and Principal Stager of REDESIGN4MORE, Red provides home staging and interior redecorating services for both small and large-scale residential projects throughout Toronto and the GTA. Click here to learn more about Red and REDESIGN4MORE.

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