Easy Ideas to Creating a Focal Point that Wows

June 1, 2015

A focal point is where your eyes rest first in a space. It is the first thing that you will notice when you enter a room. Typically a room with a great focal point looks finished, balanced and can be quite stunning.

On the flip side, you probably seen some rooms that are  just blah, it is when you walk in to the room  and barely notice anything, there is no impact and no appeal at all.  One reason to this is because the room is lacking a focal point. Without the much needed impact, the maximum potential of the space is lost which is not good when you are showcasing a house for sale.

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A focal point can be an architectural detail of your home. It can be a fireplace, a large window with a great view, a winding staircase, high ceilings, interesting ceiling details, built-in book cases and entertainment centers, or an old brick wall as a feature wall. Remember that when staging your home for sale, your goal is to enhance and draw attention to these special feature and use it to your home’s advantage.

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However, not all homes can have these, for example, a downtown condo or a simple bungalow might not have any of these architectural details at all — But the good thing is, you can still create a focal point that “wows” even without all of these.

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For rooms lacking a natural focal point, you will need to create one. First, you need to determine the function of your room.  Once you have established the purpose of the room, you can then design a point of interest that will best suit that function.

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  • Use a large stunning piece of artwork – a painting, tapestry or quilt. Place your seating furniture facing the artwork.
  • Use a large piece of free-standing furniture (armoires works best!). Place the furniture against the most prominent wall and create a seating area around it.
  • Create an accent wall by using a darker paint colour on one wall. Place your main pieces of furniture in front of it. For example, in a bedroom, that would be  your bed and night stands.
  • Wallpaper your accent wall to distinguish it from the other walls.
  • Have a large custom mantel made and decorate it with collected related accessories.  Make sure the theme is in sync with what’s going on in the rest of the room.

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Furniture placement and accessories should be arranged around focal points. A bold or lovely focal point will also distract home buyers from seeing the flaws in your home (it is the radiator heater on the right in this bedroom). It is something that will draw people’s eyes and impress them with the feel and décor of the room. It can also create a certain mood or theme that will define the emotional impact the room is intended to create.

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A well thought off  focal point can tremendously improve visual impact,  aesthetic and the room’s over all quality. So, if you are looking for ways to a more cohesive and finished look  to any rooms to impress your potential buyers, adding a focal point will work wonders.

Creating a focal point isn’t difficult.  Check out our Pinterest page for more inspirations and ideas mentioned in this post as well as others.

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