Bedding and Home Staging

September 20, 2014

Toronto Home StagingIn a busy morning rush, making the bed is probably the last thing you will think of doing. However, it is imperative to do so when your house is on the market.

I am always stunned to see listing photos where home owners have posted their own mess in their bedrooms for their potential buyers to see. It looks terrible and definitely won’t spark interest from buyers if it looks like somebody has just gotten out of bed—Your chance to make a great first impression is gone.

In a photo of a bedroom, the bed is the biggest furniture in it and will take up a significant amount of the photograph and what you see in the photograph will have a lot say about your room. It is a must to make your bedroom neat, tidy, and well made when you are selling so your potential buyers can visualize themselves resting and relaxing there.

To make your bed look calm, clean, and relaxing as possible, use white sheets and neutral-coloured covers. A crisp white set of sheets always works and is available in all home stores at a very reasonable price. Pick everything in white, from duvet covers, pillow shams, fitted sheet, and flat sheets. They are very inexpensive and can be purchased individually or in sets.

Avoid bedding with bold colors and complex patterns, they tend to overwhelm a room, making the room look smaller in the photos than it actually is. Solid colours and simple patterns looks better in the photos.   If you are not sure, take a snap shot using your smart phone and look.

Your bed is the center of attention in the bedroom when your buyers step in. It is so important to showcase it well. We even press our bedding (especially the pillow cases) in every room that we stage to eliminate wrinkles, making it look crisp, and serene for the buyers.

To give your bed a more luxurious feel, try adding layers of bedding and pillows. Think of a five-star hotel — there are lots of folds and lots of pillows. There are sheets, a duvet, a throw, standard pillows, euro shams, and throw pillows. Add light coloured pillows and accessories to make it more interesting!

Red Barrinuevo | Your Toronto Home Stager
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