Condo Buyer’s Nightmare: Cramped and Cluttered Condominiums

July 20, 2013

Toronto Condo StagingWhen it’s time to put your condo back on the real estate market, any extra space, or lack of, can make a big difference when attracting  buyers.  With a tough competition in the condo market in Toronto,  it is always best to get ahead of the competition by showcasing your condo at its best.

Create that extra space and get organized; follow these easy tips to make your condo look bigger and more spacious, to entice every potential buyer.

Go back to basics. Remove extra and unnecessary furniture in the rooms to create some space. If it doesn’t need to be there, it doesn’t have to be there.

Double duty furniture is your friend. Use double purpose furniture to save space.  An ottoman that opens as extra storage is king! You can use it as a coffee table, an extra seat, or extra storage for your magazines, books, cds and dvds.

Neutral is the magic word. When painting your walls, go neutral with light blues, sandy browns, or light greys in egg shell finish. It is pleasing to the eye, and it conceals wall imperfections and can make a room look bigger.

Go with the flow. If you have a combined living and dining area, do not block traffic with furniture; this will make the room appear smaller.  Use the same paint colour for both the living and dining rooms to give an illusion of a one big room.

Bigger is not better. Consider the size of your space in proportion to the size of your furniture. Showcase your condo with furniture that fits. In downtown Toronto, there are a number of companies that sell condo furniture. These are furniture pieces that are made to work best for smaller homes. It is smaller, but it is still functional and very stylish.

Edit accessories and get rid of clutter. Edit, edit, edit. Remove your accessories to the minimum (or less than the minimum). Clutter is a big turn-off for buyers. Too many accessories can make your small condo look even smaller. De-clutter and organize; there is no perfect time to do this like now.

Lighten up. Nothing is worse than a small and dark room.  Open up your curtains and let the natural light come in! Remove heavy drapes and use light sheers instead. Use energy efficient high wattage light bulbs to brighten up the space.

Don’t forget your balcony. Your balcony is part of the total square footage of your condo unit; make it shine!  Create a small seating area which can be used for outdoor dining and entertaining.

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