Home Staging Is Not About You, It’s About Your Buyers

August 25, 2013

Toronto Home StagingThe fact is, staging your home, is not about you; it’s about your buyers.

Once you have decided  to put your house back on the market, it is not yours anymore; so it’s time to emotionally detach from your home, wear your seller’s hat,  and see it as a very expensive product you are selling;  with that being said, the right packaging is important if you want to grab the buyer’s attention!

This is not the time to test your decorating skills or get crazy with your DIY projects because what you may consider tasteful may not be to the buyer’s taste. 

More than decorating, home staging  is a marketing tool that involves marketing techniques that can package and showcase your home to its most favorable light. The  following key factors should always be considered to make your home irresistible to potential buyers.

Your listing  price

Pick furniture that speaks of your asking price.  Get rid of the old hand me down sofa for now and pick up a more appropriate pieces of furniture  to enhance visual impact. Dated and cheap looking furniture can hurt the perceived value of your home.

Your target buyer and your location

Your buyers will have different life styles depending on where you are. If you’re in the suburbs, a baby’s room for a third bedroom might appeal better versus a home office that will work best in a downtown location for example. Knowing your target demographics is important.

Style of your House

The “wow” factor is often achieved when the style of the house, furniture, colour motif,  and other decorative elements are in harmony. Pick a design direction that best suits your home. If your house is modern and elegant, then use modern furniture with minimal pieces. Balance and harmony is key.

Your home’s layout and flow

Do not block traffic. Avoid placing furniture close to doorways as it makes the room feels cramped;  do not block sight lines to a beautiful window view or a focal point, like a beautiful fireplace. Keep it open and remove unnecessary furniture pieces.  Edit your furniture to a minimum to free up some space.

It is always best to stay neutral in terms of wall colour and furniture pieces.  Add colour and texture with pillows, rugs, and other decorative pieces to increase visual interest.  Clean, organize, and de-clutter.

If you are unsure or cannot handle showcasing your own home, it is best to call a staging professional in your area. Do not take chances or make a costly mistake. When selling, beauty is in the eye of the buyer.

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