Tackling the Unsightly Cable Wires Before Your Open House

November 10, 2013

One of the most common eyesores during house showings are those unsightly loose wires.

When showing your home, loose wires needs to be tamed, because these loose cable wires are like wrinkles on your home’s face. Give your home a face lift with these six easy tips:

1. Hide cables along base boards

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Instead of running on your wall, position it along or under trim or baseboards. Run cables where walls join and paint them if necessary to make it less obvious. Cable covers provide a stylish solution to hide cable and can disappear above plinths or around floors. Another simple solution are cable clips, its easy to use and can get the job done! Both can be purchased at home improvement stores in your location.

2. Hide cables under carpets

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Using a knife or screwdriver, you can pull up the edge of the carpet and place the cables neatly. This is so easy to do, and once the cable or cables are in place, you can neatly put the carpet back in place, and you will never be able to tell that the cable is there.

3. Hide cables in walls

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This sounds more complicated than it is. All you need to do is to cut two small holes  in the wall; the first hole is where the cable goes in and the other is where it comes out. This can be done easily by using a small chisel and a hammer to simply poke through the drywall. Perfect in hiding all the cable wires of a wall mounted TV.

4. Use cable ties or zip ties

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Using cable ties, you can neatly run cables alongside or behind furniture, media consoles, cabinets, etc.  Tying them up neatly together (especially the cable wires at the back of the TV, or your computer) is definitely better than seeing dozens of wires dangling in front of you. Often times, excess cable is unavoidable. When you can’t avoid using a cable that is longer than you need, bundle the excess cord. Use twist tabs around the excess cable.

5. Use a piece of plywood to conceal it

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This is what I did for my media console, and it’s really easy! Perfect for hiding those ugly and dangling cable wires from your TV, DVD player, speakers, and game consoles.  Just cut the plywood to the exact size (length and height)  of your media cabinet, then place it behind the media cabinet. Run and organize all the wires at the back of the board. To make the plywood disappear, paint the front side of the board the same colour as your wall.

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