8 Home Improvement Projects That Can Add Value to Your Home

August 23, 2015

As a professional stager and a decorator, I am always in search of effective ways to showcase homes whether the owners are selling or staying.  And while browsing articles on-line, I came across a DIY blog by Listotic that features some really neat and inexpensive ideas on home improvement that can increase the value of your home when it is time to sell.

Here are my top 8 DIY home improvements from that article that is worth looking into if you have plans of selling your home in the near future. 

1. Faux Thick Baseboard

Molding and trim go a long way in making your home look and feel more custom and expensive, but that’s just the thing, it’s expensive! To get the look without the added cost, beef up your baseboards by adding a slim piece of trim a few inches above your baseboards, and then paint in between. Brilliant! Go check out full instructions, more details and more photos at The House of Smiths.

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Source & Instructions : The House of Smiths

2. Revamp Your Existing Bathroom Mirrors

We know how important a bathroom is when it is time to sell.  This project can completely transform a lifeless bathroom! Go check out full instructions, more details and more photos at hometalk. 

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Source : Hometalk

3. Add Molding To Cabinets

As the heart of every home, your kitchen must shine when it is time to sell! Outdated cabinetry in your kitchen has the biggest impact on your home’s decor, especially if the color and design is dated. With a few added pieces of molding and paint, you can make them look brand new on a budget! To add molding to flat doors check out this tutorial here, and you will want to check out this inspiring transformation as well!

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Source & Instructions : Beautiful Matters

4.  Hang Curtains High & Wide

Every buyers loves high ceilings and large windows. You can create this illusion by hanging your drapes high and wide. This creates more drama to the room, making the walls look taller, and room airier. And, the more panels, the better. You want your curtains to look full and luxurious! Read more about this here.

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Source : How Does She

5.  Say Goodbye To Brass

If you still have those cheap looking brass light fixture and dated brass sink ware, there is a great and inexpensive solution.  Rust-Oleum! You can use it on hinges, door knobs, light fixtures, faucets, ceiling fans, etc. It’s ideal for fixtures that don’t get touched like ceiling fans and lights, but you can also use it on faucets and door knobs with a little bit of touching up now and then. You can buy this stuff in oil rubbed bronze, nickel, iron, rust, or steel!

If you’re as inspired by this stuff as I am, go check out this faucet redo over at Sincerely Sarah D. and light fixture update over at One Hundred Dollars A Month.

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Faucet Redo: Sincerely Sarah D. Light Redo: One Hundred Dollars A Month

6. Re-Stain Or Paint The Oak

This staircase makeover probably is my favourite DIY project of all of this. This will not only change the feel of the house but  hype up the home’s visual impact too! Staining or painting over an outdated oak banister, cabinetry, or molding is the surest way to bring your home up to the 21st century. Check out the full instructions for this project over at Creations By Kara.

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Source & Instructions : Creations By Kara

 7. Give Your Fireplace A Facelift

Most fireplaces tend to be the focal point  in most homes. With it being at the center of it all, it is smart to give it a facelift if its looking dated or not showing well. A  fireplace makeover can make an enormous difference in the feel and interior design of your home. Check out this fireplace makeover that was done for under $200 (assuming you have most of the tools). It’s a far cry from where it started! The transformation is incredible.

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 Source & Instructions : SwingNCocoa

8. Framed Mirrors on Flat Doors

Flat panel doors are about as basic as they get, and can really make your home look outdated and boring. Adding framed mirrors to bathroom or closet doors not only serves a purpose, but looks much nicer and gives the illusion of a larger room. Just be sure to paint the trim of the mirror the same color as the door if you want it to look built-in (you could even caulk the edges before you paint to make it seamless). Liquid Nails Mirror Adhesive is the best way I’ve found to keep them flush and securely hung on the door.

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 Source and Instructions : Kevin & Amanda

Check out Listotic’s blog and full list of home improvement projects here.

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