Make Your Basement Count When it is Time to Sell

March 16, 2014

Every square foot counts when it is time to sell. Finished or not, your basement is a big space that can add value to your home.  Use it to attract more buyers!

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Most of the time, it is the catch-all room for unwanted furniture, Christmas ornaments, old clothes, and all things you don’t use and never wanted to get rid of either.  However, when it s time to sell, your basement cannot be a dumping ground for all things anymore.  Showcase it as best as possible, to attract more buyers; make it as important as the other rooms in your home!

For unfinished basements that are being used for storage, purge and get organized.  Make sure you have the best and most organized basement in the block! Get rid of things you don’t need. Here is a tip, if it’s there for a year or two and you haven’t used it, you probably won’t use it again.  Sell, donate, or have a garage sale to dispose of unwanted “stuff”.

Get organized by using proper shelving, bins for storage, and totes to make everything look neat and clean. By doing this, it also shows that you are a conscientious home seller!

For finished basements, give it a purposeLeaving it empty is a missed opportunity to impress your potential buyers. Stage it! Showcase it as a  game room, a craft room, or family room.

Toronto Home Staging

This basement use to be a catch-all room for old furniture, clothes, and old toys.  When the sellers decided to sell, we gave it a new purpose and converted it into a family room.

Basements are often overlooked by home sellers when its time to sell.  But on the buyer’s side of things, a well presented and well kept basement completes the perfect home package.  When selling, every square foot counts and every space matters.

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