Last Minute Tweaks for a Perfectly Showcased Home

November 9, 2014

Toronto Home StagingSo, you’re done staging your home; the house looks fantastic; you did a great job with furniture and decor set up, and everything looks perfect! But before taking your listing photos or before you open your doors for your first showing, take a quick look to make sure these things weren’t missed. Small details can make a big difference in the over-all presentation of your home.

Ditch Your Old Doormats

This is the first thing your buyers will see; welcome and greet them with a new and a clean door mat.  It is a no brainer, but yes, it is still often overlooked.  Remember, a great first impression should start right from your door step!

Remove Window Screens

If you have window screens, remove it for now and showcase those beautiful windows. Leaving those window screens prevents natural light and casts a greyish colour in a room. A clean window glass looks a lot better without these screens, not to mention that your photos will look stunning too!

Tidy Up Blinds and Curtains

Make sure all window blinds are pulled all the way up in every room! I have seen so many listing photos where blinds are halfway up on one window and all pulled up on the others. It doesn’t look good and can be a visual clutter. Make sure the pulls on the side are removed or hidden to make the window look bigger, cleaner, and clutter free. If you have curtains, make sure it is pushed all the way on both sides.

Replace Busted Lights

Any busted light bulbs can ruin an almost perfect mood. Replace it before taking your photos and before your first buyer steps in! Avoid using eco-friendly bulbs for now because these light bulbs (although good for our environment) take time to achieve maximum lighting capacity. Your buyer’s first few seconds are crucial, everything has to be at its best the moment your buyers step in.

Manage Your Cable wires

Too many wires dangling and insight can ruin a beautifully staged room. These are visual clutter that you don’t need when showing your home. Tame those cable wires and keep the room organized and free from those eyesores; click here for tips on cable management.

Empty All Trash bins

Do a walk through inside every room specially your kitchen and your bathrooms to make sure all trash receptacles are empty (don’t forget to get rid of the plungers in your bathroom too!). Wash all garbage bins and make sure it is clean and odour free. Don’t forget to remove all garbage receptacles in front of the house. Keep them in your shed or put them nicely on the side of the house for now.

Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. In fact a great kitchen can help you sell your home. Reminding your buyers of house hold chores with your dirty dishes in the sink can ruin the perfect moment for them. Make sure everything is washed before every showings.

Double Check for Unpleasant Odours

The best smell is the smell of a clean house. You don’t have to go out of your way to bake cookies or use tremendous amounts of air fresheners as this will look as if you’re covering something. Nothing beats the smell of a clean house! If you’re not sure, ask a neighbour or a friend for an honest opinion. They can tell better since they don’t live in the house.

Adjust Room Temperature

The goal of showing your home is for buyers to love it and feel it. If your home is too hot or too cold, buyers will be gone and will head out to the next house. Make sure you set a comfortable temperature inside your home for your buyers to linger and appreciate the beauty of your home.

Lastly, Set the Mood

If you have a gas or electric fire place in the house, don’t forget to turn it on! Everybody loves it, so sell it to your buyers! Set the mood. It can hype up drama to any room, and it can bring in the ambiance needed to romance your buyers.

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