How Much Decorating Is Too Much When Selling During The Holidays?

December 14, 2016

Selling During the Holidays

The Christmas season is the perfect time for the over-the-top and outlandish décor. The more the merrier, and that’s how we love it!  But how much is too much? If you’re selling this Holiday Season, you might want to keep some of those holiday décors in the box for now and just use it in your new house next year.  As a professional stager, here are some tips to guide you:

1. Skip the BIG INFLATABLE SANTAS, RUDOLFS, and SNOW-MEN  from the street-view of your property. These are big distractions that can ruin your home’s curb appeal. Instead, use a festive wreath with a large bow on the front door.  Simple, yet very appealing.

2. KEEP WALKWAYS and DRIVEWAYS SALTED AND FREE OF SNOW. You want to make the home look like it’s been maintained.  If you’re away frequently or live in an area that’s subject to bad weather, it helps to hire a service to regularly salt or shovel the driveway and sidewalks for better curb appeal and safety during house showings.

3. SIMPLIFY YOUR DECORATIONS. You still want the features of the home to be highlighted, not the holiday décor.  Go easy on your mantle; too much stuff on your mantle can make it look cluttered and overbearing.

4. KEEP HOLIDAY DECOR NON-DENOMINATIONAL.  Potential buyers may not celebrate the holidays the same way you do. Pack away nativity scenes this year and appeal to all. Replace it with a holiday floral arrangement instead.

5. MIND YOUR SPACE. Showing the spaciousness of your home is number one.  Avoid big trees that takes way too much space, tuck cords, and cables neatly, where possible.

6. DON’T GO CRAZY ON COLOURS AND PATTERNS. Consider 1 or 2 (tops) colour scheme. More than two colours can be overwhelming to look at, especially in a small space.

Lastly, if you have a gas or electric fireplace, turn it on before the showing, this can give the house a little ambiance. Don’t forget to adjust your home’s thermostat to a warmer temperature to make it comfortable and welcoming for buyers.


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