Home Staging Trumps Location

June 22, 2015

“Location… Location… Location”. How many times have you heard this phrase in real estate? Location is an important factor that can make or break your home`s final offer. That is why proper showcasing and home staging is a must when selling in a less favorable area.

A good example is a property that we recently staged backing to a hydro power plant ( you can see the tower from behind the property ). Although this house was a beautiful family home, its location  is hindering buyers from appreciating its true potential. As a result, this house was listed for months prior to staging and found no success in landing an offer.

Needless to say, the owners were frustrated and getting desperate to accept any offer to sell the house, they already thought of a price reduction but have decided to stage the property instead.

Toronto Home Staging

We knew that we have to focus on creating the “Wow” factor inside to overcome any buyer’s objection to that unappealing sight in the back. In the neutral formal living room , we created an inviting conversation area around a large glass cocktail table. To draw the buyers into the room, we used a cool calming blue as our accent colour.  Adding a variety of textures such as glass, metal, wood, and chenille also added interest.

Toronto Home Staging

The open family room and kitchen faced the ugly tower in the back yard. However, the room was painted a rich yellow-orange colour which distracted the eye from the view a bit.  Once again, we enhanced these rooms with furnishings that would appeal to the buyers we thought would purchase this home.

Toronto Home Staging

In the master bedroom, we created a relaxing retreat by using predominately white bed linens  which made the space look clean, relaxing, open  and fresh. Two high-back wicker chairs welcomed the buyers to sit, enjoy the room, and to stay a while.

Toronto Home Staging

We are happy to report this home sold in only 4 days at $150,000 over the asking price!  Record breaking for this area.  This proves  home staging  trumps location.

By properly staging and showcasing this property, buyers were able to see pass through this home`s limitation– its less favorable location. Through staging, buyers got a new perspective and have finally seen the true potential of this beautiful family home.

As home sellers, there is nothing you can do to your home`s location.  However, what you can do is showcase a stunning home your buyers can`t resist, and create the emotional connection that can melt even the most critical buyer!

Red Barrinuevo | Your Toronto Home Stager

If you are contemplating selling a home which has a less desirable location,  don’t underestimate the power of home staging.  Contact us at 416.871.3128  to learn how our home staging services can trump location. To learn more about the services we offer, visit our website at redesign4more.com/services

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