Four Ways to Define Spaces Without Walls

July 12, 2014

Open concept floor plans have become the standard in most new homes. Its popularity has landed it on top of everybody’s wish list when buying or planning for a home reno. But an invisible wall is needed to define, separate, and organize each space in order to appreciate the ease and functionality of an open-concept layout.



Furniture pieces are an excellent way to create and differentiate areas in an open floor plan. For example, a console table or buffet behind a sofa can help to distinguish the living area from the entry or dining space. The trick is to be certain on how you want the space to be used. Once done, you will notice a traffic path which acts as the virtual border that will easily give definition to the entire area.  Be careful to not block sight lines and entries with big pieces of furniture.

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Another way to demarcate an area in an open concept layout is by using rugs.  It is an easy way to separate and create a more organized space. A more formal design looks good in dining areas while a lighter and breezier style is more appealing in the living room.  Area rugs are available in a variety of style, colours, patterns, and sizes depending on your budget, design direction and space you are using it for. Rugs bring the decor together and explicitly create a more organized and defined space.

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Hanging lights, such as pendant lighting and chandeliers, are perfect for defining space. For example, a dining area without a pendant light or a dining chandelier can easily get lost and get overlooked as part of the living room, particularly in smaller homes like condo apartments. When selling, installing a dining room chandelier is highly recommended because it does not only define the space but it also makes your dining room look more important, and not to mention, it increases the visual appeal which is needed when selling your home.

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Since an open floor plan demands a uniform backdrop for the entire floor, employ a single neutral colour for the walls. Use pops of accent colours through pillows and other accessories. A monochromatic colour scheme is perfect when selling because it is not distracting, and it is always pleasing to the eye. Use a subtle shift of the same colour in a different intensity to other rooms to give its personality while still making it merge with the other areas. Impressive artwork and matching rugs can complete a clean and trendy look.

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An open concept layout is a great feature when selling your home, but if not done properly, the result will look congested, cluttered, and disconcerting to the eye.  The trick is to define and separate individual spaces in your home but still merge it seamlessly.  The flow,  the defined function of each room, and the cohesiveness of the whole house is the secret to showcase it best and to impress every potential buyer!



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