7 Reasons Staging Your Home Eliminates Price Negotiation

April 3, 2016

Toronto Home Staging

Are you worried that the location of your home on a busy highway will be a turn-off to home buyers when selling your home? Afraid you won’t get your listing price? Did you know that staging your home can help you eliminate price negotiation? Here’s why..

1. Staging Your Home Creates a Lifestyle in the Buyer’s Mind

A recent study done by the National Association of Realtors showed that only 19% of buyers could envision themselves living in a home that is vacant when they first see it. Because this is such a significant investment, home buyers want to ensure they will realize a comfortable lifestyle in it. Staging a vacant home helps you appeal to the 81% of home buyers who need to see furniture in a home to imagine the lifestyle afforded by it.

2. Staging Helps Buyers Emotionally Connect with the Home

Most buying decisions are made emotionally not logically. Staging your home will encourage buyers to stay in your home longer and will allow buyers to move into your home mentally. The longer they stay, the more of an emotional connection they will make which motivates them to buy, resulting in more chances of a sale.

3. Buyers’ Real Estate Agents Will Be More Likely to Show a Home That Is Staged

Agents know that a well showcased and a well-staged home is more likely to sell.  Why would they waste their time showing a property that shows poorly, does not offer a better lifestyle, and could be a time waster for them or their clients? It’s the agent’s  reputation on the line, especially for the selling agents. Either way, staging is an effective tool employed by real estate agents!

4. Staged Homes Can Create Multiple Offers

You are more likely to have a bidding war over your home if it is staged and showcased properly,  priced correctly and listed at the right time.  It has been proven many times that home staging can increase the perceived value of property. Giving you a better chance to land the best offer out there.

5. Staging Your Home Helps Eliminate Buyer Objections to Home’s Flaws

That busy highway or high tension wires near your home will be less problematic as the buyer focuses on the exciting thought and possibilities of living in a beautiful home and a better lifestyle your home represents. Whether it be location, the home’s layout, or high maintenance fees, home staging can help buyers see past through these hurdles. 

6. Staging Your Home Can Sell It More Quickly

As a seller, your home’s most advantageous time on the market is the first 30 days. After that, it starts to grow stale in the eyes of a buyer who will now try to offer you less because no one else wants it. According to a study done by the Real Estate Staging Association, homes staged before selling sold 79% faster than unstaged homes. Selling your home faster means you save on paying taxes, utility bills, association fees, and home owner’s insurance in a place you no longer want to call your home.

7. Staging Your Home Will Yield a Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

According to a survey done by the National Association of Realtors, an average staging investment of 1-3% of the listing price generates an 8-10% ROI.

When it comes to selling your home, don’t skimp and don’t give your buyers any reason to object to the price.  Stay in the seller’s driving seat and realize why staging your home can help eliminate price negotiation.

Red Barrinuevo | Your Toronto Home Stager

is a Canadian Certified Staging Professional. His professional affiliations include the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and the CSP. He is the recipient of numerous home staging awards and was picked as RESA’s Top Professional Stager of Canada for 2016. He has worked with hundreds of Real Estate Brokers, Investors, Real Estate Agents, and has helped homeowners showcase their homes at its best when it is time to sell.

As President and Principal Stager of REDESIGN4MORE, Red provides home staging and interior redecorating services for both small and large-scale residential projects throughout Toronto and the GTA. Click here to learn more about Red and REDESIGN4MORE.

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