7 Must Have Accent Pieces When Showcasing Your Home For Sale

February 8, 2017

Toronto Home Staging

Accessories may be defined as non-essentials, but they are a must in any room. When you ‘ve done everything, and it feels like something is missing, it’s time to accessorize and add more details to pretty it up and achieve that magazine worthy look that you wanted.



1. Artwork

Once the furniture is placed, it’s time to bring the room to life. Select artwork that will repeat a hue in your upholstery, window treatments, or rug. If all these are neutrals, then repeat the colors in your artwork through other pieces and other accents.  Overlap artwork on a mantel or wall ledge. Place a large piece of artwork over a fireplace or piece of furniture that serves as a focal point.

2. Accent pillows and throws

This is probably every home stager’s favorite accent piece. It’s a comfort piece that every sofa needs.  A carefully arranged combination of these accessories can add style and colour to a neutral-looking room and help pull it together. If you can’t commit to a colour for big furniture pieces, then pillows and throws are the perfect way to bring in pops of colour.

3. Lamps

Incorporate table and floor lamps as functional and decorative additions to your rooms. Colored ceramic table lamps that repeat colors in upholstery, pillows, throws, or window treatments can help bring the room together. Replace the shades of some of your lamps to bring in a different texture, add color or a bold coordinating pattern. Slim lamp bases and drum-shaped shades can add height and drama. When replacing the shade, try a square-shaped shade on a square-based lamp and a round -shaped shade on a round-shaped lamp base.

4. Greenery

I’ve included greenery as one of our top staging accessories because it brings the outside indoors. Consider adding some greenery in the form of real plants or flowers which are easy to maintain. If you don’t have the time to care for them, add some quality faux organic accents like white silk florals, green topiaries, succulents, or trees. Your goal is to purchase some that are realistic-looking to add ambiance and color to a plain room. Think about using them (small ones)  as centerpieces, accents on a coffee table or end table, and in decorative vignettes.

5. Small Decorative Accent Pieces

Small decorative accent pieces can work with your artwork to repeat colors and textures and to create a theme such as urban, rustic, travel, or nautical.  Items such as clocks, decorative orbs, books, candles, colored glass bottles, trays, glazed pottery, faux antlers, or decorative boxes can be beautiful additions to a room if placed correctly on tables, and mantle pieces. Remember to group accessories in odd numbers which are more pleasing to the eye. Use a variety of textures, sizes, and shapes to add interest to the room.

6. Decorative Mirrors

A stunning wall mirror can add light and depth to room making it appear larger and brighter. We like the way mirrors reflect colors from artwork and adjoining walls. Make sure it coordinates with the style of the room and reflects something beautiful. Lean a large mirror against a wall in a small room for a dramatic look.

7. Area Rugs

Area rugs are a way to bring an accent color to the floor, define a functional space, anchor the furniture, and add texture. Just make sure that the area rug is large enough for the room. An eight by ten sized rug or larger is a good size for a living room or bedroom to ensure that your main pieces of furniture are resting on it.


Having the right furniture pieces is one thing, but adding the right accessories is another. It makes any room looks finished, cohesive and well thought of especially if you are decorating your home for sale. Using the right accessories will not only increase visual impact; it can also make your listing photos stand out when buyers are browsing homes online.



Toronto-based, award-winning Interior Stylist, Red Barrinuevo is an Interior Decorator and Principal Designer of Redesign4more Inc., servicing clients in Toronto and the GTA. The firm’s known for enhancing and creating stylish yet functional spaces through their creative home staging, interior styling, and design services. To know more about Red and Redesign4more, visit www.redesign4more.com.

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