On Listing Photos: Why You Could Be Losing the Battle Before It Even Begins

March 16, 2017
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Look at me. These are the three words your listing photos should say to capture buyer’s attention when browsing hundreds of listings online. If your listing photos do not command attention (or if you do not have listing photos at all), you have lost the battle before it even begins.

Most home buyers start their initial search on the internet when looking for their next home.  Imagine if a buyer is browsing through MLS listings and begins to narrow their list, how many listings without photos do you believe are on their list? Buyers are visual creatures, they would skip right over a listing without a good photo.

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A great example is a property we staged a couple of weeks ago in Markham Ontario that did amazingly well on the market because of its stunning on-line pictures. After my conversation with the homeowners, I have learned that the house was sold online on its first day of listing. The buyers who bought it didn’t even bother to go the house for an actual visit. They fell in love with the photos of the property and had ended up paying $300,000 more than its asking price. That’s how powerful online listing photos can be.

Toronto Home Staging

Needless to say, it is of utmost importance to present your home in its best possible light. A fundamental component is proper staging and merchandising, professional photography and inclusion of high-quality photos on the listing page. Be smart; your online photos are your first opportunity (or maybe the last) to arouse buyer’s interest, so make it shine.

Toronto Home Staging

As a real estate professional, it is a BIG NO to take pictures using your cell phone or cheap cameras. It is always best to hire a professional photographer if you are not confident with your camera skills. Also, when interviewing agents and home stagers, don’t be afraid to ask for a sample of their listing photographs or pictures of work they have done recently. The right agent and home stager should know the value of good professional listing photos.


It goes without saying that your online listing photo is one of the most critical aspects when marketing your home. A good real estate photography is a MUST to make your listing stand out and to give you a better chance to land the best offer on the table. Stage it, photograph it,  and let your photos speak to your buyers.

Red Barrinuevo

Is a Canadian Certified Staging Professional. His professional affiliations include the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and the CSP. He is the recipient of numerous home staging and home redesign awards and was picked as RESA’s Top Professional Stager of Canada for 2016. He has worked with hundreds of Real Estate Brokers, Investors, Real Estate Agents, and has helped homeowners showcase their homes at its best when it is time to sell.

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