Common Repairs You Should Look For Before Listing Your Home

July 20, 2014

Toronto Home StagingAs home sellers, one of the worst things that you can do is to hand your “to do” list to your buyers. Handing  it to your buyers  can send a negative message that can impact your listing and can lead to a low-ball offer, or worse, send your buyers away.

Nowadays, home buyers are more knowledgeable and less forgiving. It is a MUST to ensure everything that needs to be done and replaced is all taken care of before your first buyer steps in. Your home must be “move in ready” and “work free”  for your buyers.

To make sure you have checked everything, below is a list of the common repairs in your home that are often overlooked by home owners. This list is also emphasized by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA).

  • Worn  carpets                                               
  • Broken  light  switches
  • Loose  door  knobs
  • Leaky  faucets
  • Running  toilets
  • Sticky  locks
  • Slow  drains
  • Broken  garbage  disposal
  • Cracks,  holes  in  walls
  • Broken  screen  doors
  • Clogged  shower  heads
  • Ripped  window  screens
  • Tile grout and caulking
  • Sticky  windows
  • Cabinet  door  knobs
  • Broken kitchen floor tiles
  • Loose cable wires
  • Dusty air vents
  • Wobbly kitchen cupboard doors
  • Loose/broken closet doors
  • Busted light bulbs
  • Broken switch plates
  • Worn out sink ware
  • Small gaps on hardwood floor
  • Floor scratches on high traffic areas

Small problems like these look ten times bigger to the buyer’s eye!  This are distractions during house showings and  can cost you money if left undone. Don’t skip these simple repairs in the hope that your buyers won’t see it, because they will.  Instead, show them a “move in ready” home that they can relax and enjoy!

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