Your Buyer’s Dilemma and What You Can Do About It

July 27, 2014

Did you know that 98% of buyers do not have a vision of how a space can be used? Most of the time, clutter, the room’s lack of functionality or  even just a simple wrong wall colour can jeopardize a potential offer.

Since we all love before and after shots, I have used some shots to emphasize the concerns and the dilemmas that often prevents buyers from seeing the true potential of your home, and more importantly,  what you can do about it.

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BEFORE STAGING: In your buyer’s eye, this is not a space that they would want to relax after a long day of work; they are second guessing if their existing furniture will fit; the bold wall colour is overwhelming; the TV was hung too high, and the furniture lay out makes it impossible to watch TV;  for the buyers, this room is a lot of work.

SOLUTION: De-clutter and edit furniture pieces and accessories to a minimum. Make sure nothing is blocking your windows and let the light in. Calm your walls down by using neutral colours; this colour will work with existing furniture pieces your buyers might have, while adding contrast to the beautiful dark hardwood floor. Remove the TV to highlight the fireplace as the focal point; it will also help drive attention to another great feature, the high ceiling! Compliment the space with key pieces of furniture to emphasize function, then accessorize!

Toronto Home Staging

BEFORE STAGING: In your buyer’s eye, it is a cluttered, dated, and unimportant room; a wasted space; a room that requires more work; furniture pieces doesn’t feel and look right. The dark wall colour will be a problem at night.

SOLUTION: Paint the wall with a light neutral colour,  the same colour as the living room, creating the illusion of one big space for both rooms. Remove unnecessary  “stuff” to show off more space; take down the dated curtains and let the light in. With dark floors, use a light coloured rug to showcase the dining table thus emphasizing the room’s function. This will also provide a break between the dark hardwood floor and the dark dining table making the room a lot more interesting!  Now the room looks finished, functional, and  important part of the house.

Toronto Home Staging

BEFORE STAGING: In your buyer’s eye, it is too small as a master bedroom (this is actually a big room);  they are thinking that their king size bed will not fit in this room. Definitely not the cozy and relaxing retreat they are looking for. It looks too cramped, cluttered, and does not look like a master bedroom at all.

SOLUTION: Get rid of clutter and unnecessary furniture pieces in the bedroom like the TV and the media console to create more space and consider repositioning your bed for better visual impact. Your prospective buyer should be able to see the bed when they open the door and should be able gracefully scan the room when they enter. This will create the illusion of space instantly. Hype-up the focal point; the bed is the biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom and the first thing that your prospective buyers should see when they enter the room, so use a bed that is proportionally suited to the room then dress-it-up, and make it shine.

There are all sorts of challenges when preparing your home for sale, understanding your buyer is KEY and looking at your house through your buyer’s eye is a MUST if you want to sell your home faster and if you want to land the best offer out there.

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