One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

July 28, 2013

Up-cycling is defined as the process of converting or re-purposing furniture that is old or discarded  into something useful and beautiful.

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A couple of months back I saw this old 80’s side board at a local Goodwill store; it caught my eye right away.  I needed a TV console and I knew I found one as soon as I saw it. My friend who is with me that time told me I was crazy and it wouldn’t go with my furniture, but I thought otherwise.  It was a great find, the perfect size, and in great condition, and it was only $20.

Toronto Home Staging

With a little creativity, I decided to give this dated piece of furniture a new look and a new function! So here is what I did:

  • I removed the middle drawers and replaced it with shelving instead. I got ply board from Home Depot, and I had them pre-cut it to fit the space in the middle to replace the drawers. Cost was $20.
  • Spray painted the whole piece in glossy white to give it a more modern feel using Krylon spray paint. Cost was $24.
  • I Replaced all the knobs from brass to chrome to make it look more modern. Cost was $7.
  • I ditched the old panel boards and opted for mirrors instead to make it look more interesting. Cost was $35.
  • I Added lattice panels from the dollar store on each door for a better visual interest. Cost was $2.

In total, the project cost a little over a hundred dollars.  An amazing price for how it turned out!

So before you throw that old furniture away, give it a second look.  A little creativity can save you a lot of money. Up-cycle and re-purpose if you can!

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