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August 18, 2015

Toronto Home StagingSelling a house is not as simple as it used to be. These days, home sellers seek help from professional home stagers to attract more buyers and to get the best possible offer. Here are important staging tips that can help you get the best possible offer out there!

Start with your Curb Appeal 

First thing is first. Work on your home’s curb appeal. It is the first thing prospective buyers see. Entice them to step into your door and not just drive by. Give them a good first impression! That’s why good home and yard keeping is a must. Your front door might need to be freshly painted, replace old knob to a new gleaming hardware, and a few beautiful potted plants to make a great first impression. These small details will make a big impact on buyers!

Appeal to the Most Number of Buyers

Depersonalize. You MUST remove all personal photos, religious items and sports affiliations in your house. These items can greatly distract the attention of the buyer when viewing your property. For instance, a big crucifix or a religious statue in your living room, or framed photos/jersies of your favorite team displayed throughout the house is a big distraction (imagine if the buyer is a fan of the opposing team). You HAVE to neutralize your home as best as you can, this way, the attention of the buyers will be on the best features of your house and not the items you have inside.

Beat the Dirt and Clutter

De-cluttering and having an impossibly clean home from top to bottom are the no brainers that can make your home look better than the house down the block. Your home must be cleaner and less cluttered than it’s ever been. Steam clean the carpets, clean or repaint the walls if needed, get rid of, donate, or better yet have a garage sale of stuff you don’t need and are not using.

Do Your Own Walk-Through

Most of the times, we are so used to living in our homes that we rarely take a moment to really look at them. Stand in the doorway of each room, and try to view the space as if you’d never seen it before. You’ll not only see what needs a good cleaning, but you’ll be more likely to notice what could be removed to make the room look bigger and what you might do to make the room appear more inviting.

Expand Spaces Visually

Dark wall colour can make a room look smaller, focus on lighter neutral tones. Float furniture (pushing it against the walls actually makes the room feel smaller) in logical conversational groupings, with enough space for people to move between pieces easily. Make sure large pieces of furniture don’t block sight lines to a great view or a pretty focal point, such as a fireplace.

Give Each Room a Specific Function

Most potential home buyers do not have a vision or a clear direction when looking into a space. By giving a specific function to every room, you are helping them create the vision for the space, eliminating any confusion. Stage your property depending on your location and target market. It’s all about your demographics. Know your market!

Add More Lights

Nothing is more of a turn-off than a dark home, and nothing is easier to fix. Wash all of the windows so natural light can fill the space. Replace dark or heavy window treatments with lighter, neutral sheers. Layer the light in your home by using floor lamps, table lamps, sconces, and adding reading lamps in your home office. It is always best to have a well lit room.

Clean Some More

Make sure your fridge is clean and kitchen cupboards are organized. Throw away kitchen sponges and put away dirty dishtowels, mops, and brooms. Place a floral arrangement (something without a strong fragrance) in your foyer and on the dining room table. Empty all wastebaskets, and take out all garbage. Organize your closets; do not assume that they won’t look at it, because they will. Replace bar soap with liquid soap dispensers in all bathrooms, organize your bathroom cabinets, and put out clean, pretty towels (click here for more bathroom staging tips).  Make sure your doormats are clean and presentable. Don’t forget to sweep your front porch and sidewalk as well.

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