De-clutter to Sell Your Home Faster

November 19, 2012

De-clutter To Sell Your Home Faster

Cleaning and de-cluttering still ranks number one for the last four years under do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvements in North America. In fact, 99% of Realtors recommends this to home sellers before putting their house on the market.  It is a MUST when selling your home.

Clutter is a common problem when selling an occupied home, it is something that should be taken seriously because it can send a wrong message to your buyers. In your buyer’s eye, it screams problem, neglect and more importantly, it can hurt the perceived value of your home.

De-Clutter to Sell Your Home Faster

Here are more reasons why clutter is your enemy when selling:

  • Every square footage of your house counts when selling, do not shrink it with clutter.
  • Clutter prevents potential buyers from seeing themselves living in your house.
  •  Clutter screams “neglect” and can lead buyers to think of more serious problems in your house other     than clutter.
  • Clutter is a big distraction for buyers to appreciate the best features of your house.
  • Safety. You are letting strangers inside your house during house showings; Make sure important documents such as bank statements, credit card bills or info, jewelries, personal photos and other personal effects are well kept and not just lying around during this times.  These are items that can be easily stolen or picked up by “bad people” during house showings.

So roll up your sleeves and address these mess, start organizing and start de-cluttering.  De-clutter to show off the real potential of your home!   Red Barrinuevo | Your Toronto Home Stager